Innovative Solutions to Workforce Challenges

Charkos can create bespoke education programs to meet specific workforce needs, such as foundation programs in mental health and country specific training programs.

Sourcing international talent

Charkos assists healthcare providers with recruitment and preparation of internationally qualified health and care professionals to meet workforce shortages in their multiple countries. We take the time to understand your needs and how we can support them, if necessary, by working with you to develop additional education and training to ensure our candidates are prepared to meet your specific challenges.

Charkos Global

Our Fully Integrated
Placement Service

Our FIPs model enables Employers to recruit internationally trained nurses who have already undertaken their OSCE training and sat their first exam. From English language training to Mental Health Transition Programs, we support all our candidates through the entire process enabling Employers to concentrate on pastoral support and induction; significantly reducing spend on excessive supernumerary periods.

Our bespoke educational programs have allowed us to place a range of healthcare professionals into both the NHS and private Healthcare providers.
Charkos offer Adult, Paediatric and Mental Health OSCE training alongside various other bespoke clinical programs to enable nurses to arrive at their new organisation well-prepared for UK practice.

If you are struggling to recruit to your specialist services, be it Mental Health in-patient units, Scrub Nurses, Theatre Practitioners, Occupational Therapists or even Radiographers; we will work in partnership to recruit and upskill nurses and allied health professionals to address your workforce shortage.

Helping Solve Global Workforce Shortages​

Faced with ever-increasing clinical workforce demand and record numbers of leavers and retirees, many healthcare providers are struggling to maintain sufficient staffing levels. In the UK, NHS trusts are expected to face a demand of around 140,600 nurses by 2030-31. In Australia, by 2026, the health and social assistance sector will need to grow by 300,000 workers, or 16% above 2021 levels. Industry leaders predict these workforce gaps will persist for some time.

Charkos provides trained health care professionals in areas including:

Sustainable and Ethical Workforce Supply​

Our extensive international network enables us to source highly skilled clinical and technical staff to meet your specific needs in the UK, Australia, Italy and Germany currently while expanding our footprint to Canada and Saudi Arabia in near-term. Our comprehensive services include thorough training and induction programs to ensure our candidates are fully prepared to excel in your environment. Moreover, we offer ongoing pastoral support and continuous training to ensure our candidates’ skills remain highly relevant to your organization.

While long-term workforce planning is crucial, we recognize that short-term interventions are necessary to address tactical challenges such as high absence rates or difficulties launching new initiatives, such as virtual wards. At Charkos, we understand these challenges and can help you navigate them with confidence, offering expert advice and solutions to better understand and address such problems.

Why Charkos for

Charkos offers customized training and development programs tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our mental health foundation program has already proven successful for our UK customers, and we are currently developing additional virtual care programs. With our vast network of qualified professionals ready to work overseas, we can create a custom workforce action plan that addresses your immediate and long-term staffing needs. Our state-of-the-art training facilities in India and the UK, as well as our digital training portal, provide candidates with a personalized curriculum to meet individual requirements, including OSCE, OET/IELTS, and bespoke programs.

NHS Workforce Improvement Service (WIS) Framework

Charkos is proud to be one of 11 organizations that have been appointed to the new Workforce Improvement Services (WIS) Framework, which went live in early 2022 and is overseen by the NHS Workforce Alliance.

With this innovative framework, we can offer NHS trusts and ICSs much broader and more comprehensive workforce solutions, emphasizing supply/demand balancing, upskilling trust staff, knowledge transfer, and exit planning. Thus, ensuring long-term and sustainable improvements. Workforce solutions covered by WIS include:

Internationally Recruited Workforce